About Us


Here in India, we recognized a need for affordable activewear with comfort, function, and style. We found a big gap between premium luxury brands to normal polyester/cotton wears. So, our mission is to provide innovative, superior quality, economical and sustainable activewear.

As our Tagline states “Every Move Matters “we wanted to make the world active. With the pandemic, being healthy and active has been the need of the hour. As India is one of the youngest countries, it is very important to give more emphasis on their health, fitness, and leisure journeys.

JOLGER stands for Jolly Joggers – those who celebrate physical activity as well as enjoy their leisure in comfortable, smart wear. This amazing range is brought to you by Saggian Ventures a women-led enterprise and an activewear company based at Bangalore. Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jordan, acclaimed for its expertise in the activewear range.

We, the founders, are committed to the highest standards of Environmental impact, Sustainability, and Governance. The manufacturing facility in Jordan employs more than 70%of women in its workforce. In India too, we are committed to sharing a portion of our profits with women-led rural enterprises and skill-building ventures.

So, we have started our journey with a mission to be the aspirational activewear and athleisure brand of choice for 21st century India on their health, fitness, and leisure journeys. To accelerate the use of activewear in India and make everyone wear activewear. As healthy people build a healthy nation.

Our USP: Activewear apparel is not just about how good the clothing looks on you; it’s more about how functionality is integrated with the aesthetics of the garment. We are putting a lot of effort to get the best fabrics, and designs to suit Indian weather, body type, and functionality. An international product designed for India.

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